Pledge to Protect Production

It has been almost a year since the World Health Organization formally declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic, and the global production industry paused. Vaccines are being administered to high-priority populations and front line workers, and in the coming months, we are eagerly anticipating our turn to receive the vaccine. 

As leaders in the production industry, we want to do everything in our power to support the mass-vaccination effort within our own networks and communities, a collection of millions of professionals.

To support this goal, we are pledging to take several specific actions as leaders in production:

  • We pledge that we will provide reliable information from public health agencies to our employees, teams, and crews to educate them on the safety, efficacy, and importance of the vaccine.
  • We pledge that as soon as the vaccines are available to the wider population, we will be providing information to our employees, teams, and crews about where, when and how people can be vaccinated.
  • We pledge that we will encourage our employees, teams, and crews to get vaccinated because mass-vaccination is a major step towards production as usual.
  • We pledge that we will employ our networks to amplify our vaccination stories and fight against misinformation.

If you’re a production leader and want to add your name and company to our COVID-19 pledge, sign up below. We’ll update this post daily as people sign on.

Please spread the word, feel free to use these assets: Download all here

Pledged by:

180 Degrees Production Ltd.; Kristy Yeo, Producer
23imedio Films; Joss Sanchez, Executive Producer
457productions; Dennis Maguire, Producer
7 Stages Theatre; Katherine Neslund, Production Manager
A Twilight Dawn; Robert Cuadra, Filmmaker/Owner
Advanced Technology Communications Llc; John Jackley, CEO
Affinity Crew; David Jackson, Managing Director
Ah Ha Reps; Andrea Hutchins, Founder
Airview Cinematography ; Adam Simmons, Owner
Alazraki Entertainment ; Moises Chiver, Executive Producer
Alerta! Partnership; Johann Gamez, Executive Producer
Aloha Media Pty Ltd; Trevor Smith, Principal
Amti Management ; Angie Sakla-seymour, CEO
Amtproductions; Annet Torres, Owner
Angie’s Models & Talent Inc. Amti Management Inc. ; Angie Sakla-seymour, CEO
Appljaxstudios; Angus Johnson, Screenwriter
April May Creative Group; Jynnifer Macomber, Production Designer/Art Director
Arielle Aurora Productions ; Billy Hartmann, CEO
Art-abandoned Photography Llc; Andrew Latshaw, Owner/Photographer
Artistic Images Make Up And Hair Artist Inc; Carol Raskin, Owner/ Stylist
Asm Film Productions; Wanda Dion Skoti, Director
Atomic Television, Inc.; Paul Remo, Technical Director
Aura ; José Ángel Ornelas Carrillo , Director
B.S.Barnes Limited ; Bruce Barnes , Carpenter
Bahenavideo; Jonathan Rangel Espinosa, Streaming
Baklight; Francisco Herrera, CEO
Beautybyerika; Erika Taniguchi, Owner + Hair And Makeup Artist
Big Bang Sound Design; Libby Pashley, Studio Manager
Bigg Sarge Entertainment ; Robert D Jones, Founder
Blanche Agency; Lynda Stenge, Covid Compliance Officer + Pandemic Compliance Advisor
Bluesky Video Marketing; Peter Craven, Creative Director
Boni Productions; Dennis Boni, Owner
Boudoir Studio Canada; Robert Falzon, Founder
Boulder Pov Llc; Amy Herman, Chief Compliance Officer
Boulevard Producciones; Michelle Maldonado, Producer
Brandon Bondie Productions; Brandon Bondie, CEO/Owner
Bristol And Weston Executive Chauffeurs Ltd; Carol Marchant, Director
Brittany Moore Production Llc; Brittany Moore, Owner
Buford T. Hedgehog Production; Steve Savanyu, Executive Producer
Capsule Media; Pascal Jacquelin, CEO
Caputo Creative, Inc.; Lou Caputo, President
Casa Ferdestro Resources Malaysia; Amira Baharuddin , Co-founder
Catatonia; Mario Enrique Vargas Torres , Mesero
Chavorucos Films; Sergio Villegas, Producer
Chicken Scratch Llc; Mike Aug, Owner, Production Manager, Site Coordinator, Cco
Cinemastreet Pictures, Llc; Dana Offenbach, Owner
Close Knit Studios; Atticus Machiavellian, Founder
Combo Llc; Javier Bellido, Owner/Director
Compass Video Limited; Keith Seward, Director
Crawford Entertainment; Katie Schroeder, Producer
Crew Me Up Inc.; Joshua Friedman, Founder & CEO
Croogloo; Gad Tisch, Founder & President
Crystal Clear Story; Crystal Joseph, President
Crystal Pyramid Productions Since 1981; Mark Schulze, President/Producer/Dp/Camera Fs7 Op, Etc.
Daniela Gonc Makeup ; Daniela Gonc , Makeup Artist
Dar Rentals Co. Ltd.; Cody Klepper, Owner / President
Dark Sun Film ; Sean Elder , Owner/Founder
Dc Dogs; Jonathan Zuck, Covid Safety Supervisor
Dear Liza Productions; Liza Harding, Ep
Delta Costumes; Carron Clark, Designer
Desert Magnolia Productions; Angela Padian, Producer/Director/Writer
Dick & Rger’s Sound Studio Limited; Roger Monk, Managing Director
Digital Cinema Program At Southern Oregon University; Andrew Gay, Program Coordinator
Dk Productions; Dave Kent, Gm
Dkd21 Media; Angie Aguirre, Producer
Dominican Republic Production Support Services; Tracey Cuesta, Executive Producer
Driven Scotland ; Martin Blytheway, Driver
Efd Films; Efrain Hernandez Ruiz Hernandez, Dollies Y Gruas
Elysium Productions; George Dibble, CEO
Embee Lighting ; Mark Bailey, Director
Enon Films; Gabriel Fernández-gil, Director
Event Care Professionals; Rebecca Rossiter-moon, Owner. Emt
Evolve Media; Tommy Maples, President
Exposed Films; Sharron Toews, PM
F&D Productions, Inc.; Jessica Arguelles, Admin Director
Falconstudios; William Roberts, Head Key Grip/Gaffer/ Studio Manager /Lighting Director
False Take Films; Cole Sheldon, Owner/Director
Film Makinesi Production; Arif Can Koca, AC
Firefighter Productions; Dany Cardinale, Actor Special Skills Fire Marshall
First Impressions Video, Llc; Terry Wall, Owner & Exec Producer
Fixerargentina; Macarena Gagliardi, Founder And Senior Creative Producer
Fleurs &The Lion Llc ; Sarah Kinsley Brooks, Owner
Fort Valley Film Commission; Maya Hall, Film Commissioner
Fremantle; Carlos Vargas, Set Medic
Garcia Creative Media Inc.; Ernesto Garcia, President
Genesis Exhibits ; Al Mercuro, Senior Account Director
Green Spark Group; Andrew Robinson, Principal Consultant
Greener Media; Jesse Ash, Partner
Group 820, Llc; Marvin Towns, Director / Producer
Guilty Party Tv Prd Ltd; Jolane Houle, Shop Superviser
Gypsy Wind Custom Coach; Steve Billings, Driver / Consultant
Hardwell Productions; Krishna Tailor, Producer
Hdg Media; Hd De Groot, Director
Henhousefx; Robin Mcshaffry, Hair And Makeup Artist
Home & Garden Tv; Garin Sparks, Cco
Houseboat; Molly Mitchell, Executive Producer
Iatse Local 488, Studio Mechanics Of The Pacific Northwest; Cdavid Cottrill, Business Agent
Image Masters International Inc; Sheree Johnson, Owner
Image Video Solutions; Catherine Shreves, Owner/Executive Producer
Images By Eliot; Eliot Shimkofsky , Chief Photographer
Improv Kids; Natalie Giordano, On- Set Tutor
Ims Technology Services; Tracy O’connor, Hr Manager
Independiente; Mario Enrique Vargas Torres, Mesero
Indigo Factory, Inc.; Richard Kelly, President
Industrious Group; Stephany Lebron, Covid Compliance/Health & Safety Officer
Inform Productions; John Asbacher, Teleprompter
Intimacy Coordinator Toronto; Mattea Kennedy, Owner
Inverclyde Tv – West College Scotland; Dave [Akatechdave] Donaldson, Tech/Lecturer And Content Manager
Isa; Molly Kasch, Chief Operating Officer
It Happens Audiovisual Sas; Carlos Ruiz, Chief Producer
Ivy Boyd Makeup Llc; Ivy Boyd, Makeup Artist
Jag Digital Productions; Jake Galasso, Video Producer
Jane Kalibur Creations ; Kimberly Millington, CEO Of Jane Kalibur Creations
Jason Pietroski Photography; Jason Pietroski, Photographer
Jbmentertainment; Jeffrey Morden, Agent
Jonathan Mann Productions; Jonathan Mann , Executive Producer
Joybird; Ruben Martinez, Studio Coordinator
Kayleigh Innes Media; Kayleigh Innes, Creative Director
Kick A Rock; Sergio Torres, Writer, Director, Editor
Kitchen Dog Theater; Tim Johnson, Managing Director
Kmp Entertainment; Michelle Murray, Coo
Ladder Hill Productions ; Alan Zavorotny, Owner
Ladies In Film & Television ; Jeanette Greenwood, CEO
Larry6 Inc; John Devries, Owner Operator
Last Bride Productions ; Randa Mardelli, Tal
Last Minute Audition ; Kim Hopkind, Owner/Actress/Coach
Laura Reynolds Artistry Hair And Makeup; Laura Reynolds, Owner-key Artist
Lava Studio; Maria Hill, Producer
Leda Communications ; Bill Thomson , President
Legendary Film Productions ; Klara Landrat, Producer, Actress
Little Big Door Limited; James Scott , Director
Local 53; Christine Brueckner, Medic
Long Roses Productions; Peter Rosen, Producer, Owner
Magnum Lifestyle Media Llc; Ahmed Lindsay, Owner/Producer
Makeup By Cory Llc; Cory Bryant, Owner And Makeup/Special Makeup Effects Artist
Makeupholism ; Patricia Maciel, Owner
Matrix Digital; Phill Adams, Owner
Mayco; Peter May, Owner
Media Minds, Llc; Teneil Moore French, Producer
Media Psychological Consultants; Jasmine Nicole, Intimacy And Mental Health Coordinator
Metro Detroit Productions; Tamara Martin, Development Executive
Michigan Production Alliance; Mark Adler, Co Founder
Michiko Inc.; Michiko Boorberg, Hmu Artist
Millersville University Theatre; Adam Boyer, Faculty & Technical Director
Mini Cine Productions; Kimberly Bogin, CEO, Executive Producer
Miss Maven Makeup Studios; Morgan Marinoff, Founder
Mission Pictures; Shane King, CEO
Momentum Stage, Inc; Nicole Perry, Founder
Moni Luvs Effects ; Moni Luvs Effects, Owner
Monteiro Pictures; Michael Monteiro, CEO
Muidem Media Llc; Bradford Smith, President
Mum Film Production Gbr; Karsten Raduenz, CEO
Naive Creative Production; Andrew Lim, Director Of Photography
Nationwide Primemedia; Christina Dix, Event & Hospitality/C19co
NBTV; Kimberly Weinstein, VP Production
New Generasian Pictures; Benny Tjandra, CEO
Ninja Productions Showtime Paramount; Felicity Bowring, Make Up Designer
Nirak Films Ltd; Karin Heslop Potts, Director
No Brainz Productions; Greg Paul, Writer / Producer
Now Hear This! Sound Services Inc. ; Keith Henderson, Sound Recordist
Octovision Media Limited; Christopher Fenton, Director
OGK Film; Pedro Catrain, Director
Ohh Maybe Inc.; Mishu Hilmy, President
Onsetmedics; Mark Caplin, Set Medic
Orange Tag Media; Joseph Page, Director
Ottico Lab; Chris Martini, Owner And Senior Producer
Oxford Comma Film Cooperative; Vanessa Powers, Director
Paac Media; Aaron Kasey, Director
Pacific Grip & Lighting; Chelsea Speakman, Office Assistant
Paul Keyworth Limited; Paul Keyworth, Sound Recordist
Pegfx Facepainting & Body Art; Peggy Hernandez, Lead Artist And Owner
Philadelphia Film Locations; Kevin Streckewald, Owner
Pittsburgh Shrine Center; Robert Addleman, Executive Director
Post Office Creative; Chris Martin, Owner
Primo Content; Alejandro Sparano, Executive Producer
Producciones Sin Cerebroz; Derek Mackay, Executive/Director/Writer/Producer
Production Park Inc.; Tyler Weatherall, Accounting Clerk
ProductionPro; Alexander Libby, CEO
Progressinema; Wiendy Widasari, Owner
Purify Sanitización ; Jorge Edgar Flores Fuentes, Director
Quad Air Communications; Al Gonzalez, Soc, Director-cam Op-1st Ad
Reborujados Films; Josue Daw, Director/Producer
Reel Clean Ltd; Tim Dennill, Owner
Revive Medical, Pllc; Jacqueline Guerra, Lvn/Emt
RGBG Media; Richard Guttmann, Owner
Rick Herns Productions ; John Aka Bear Kelley , Production Manager
Robert Bacall Representatives, Inc.; Robert Bacall, Producer / Artist Rep / Agent
Rodstol Production Group; Rebecca Rodstol, Co-owner
Roo Maurice Ltd; Roo Maurice, Hair And Make-up Designer
Rtl Productions, Inc.; Benn Perry, President/CEO
Rux Film Services ; Richard Ruck, Manager
Saturnscape Pictures; Stephen Van Vuuren, Filmmaker
Scrounger Media ; Kenneth Hayes, Chief Creative Officer
Setmd; Paul Heinzelmann, Owner
Showcatcher Talent; Adele Weinstein, Background Performer
Silent Studios Productions; Kirsty Richardson, Producer
Ska Films; Diego Cowks, Director
Skafilms Bolivia; Mariana Valdivia, Executive Producer
Smart Luck Productions; Joseph Sciammarella, Md, Producer/Actor/Director
Socalcovidvompliance; Mike Spradley, Covid Compliance Officer
Sp Location Rental Ltd; Steve Harvey, Managing Director
Spencer’s Media; Thomas Alllen Spencer, Owner
Stage Ten; Dave Lazar, CEO
Steeltown Entertainment Project; Zoe Pawliczek, Teaching Assistant
Storyvent Promotion; Ju Hi Kim, Executive Director
Styleme; Jessa Pegg, Wardrobe Stylist
Summer-set Pictures & Ardent Moon Productions; Leslie Lanier, Vp Of Operations
Super Clicks Studio; Dr Jasuryaraj Standly, Director
Televisora Nacional S.A.; Armando Guerra, Creative Dir
Tertia Lamb; Tertia Lamb, Stand-in / Actress
The Cinedicate Pictures; Rockwell Sheraton , CEO/Producer
The Movie Medics International ; Mark Doree, Director
The Production Network, Inc; Allison Deleone, CEO
The Psychoed Clinic; Dr. Sexy Still Sexy, Being Fabulous
The Unmarketing Group; Norm Clare, Founder And CTO
The Wright Display Service; John Thompson, President/Owner
Tim Fothergill Productions Ltd; Tim Fothergill, Director
Tone Zone Recording; Roger Heiss, Manager – Engineer
Tornadic Entertainment, Llc; David Ulery, CEO / Producer
Toronto Sound; Adam Clark, Founder / Location Sound Recordist
Trash Arts; Sam Bell, Co Director
Trinity Square Video; David Plant, Executive Director
Ultimate Security ; Richard Hughes, Director
V-pac Productions Ltd; Velton Lishke, Director
Vamb Entertainment; Ann Van Haney, CEO
Wandering Star On Location Vehicle Facilites Ltd; Andrew Thurlbourne, Director
Wardrobe By Will; Wilfree Vasquez Torres, Wardrobe Stylist/Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist
We Productions Sdn Bhd; Michael Wong Fock Kam, Construction Supervisor
Witness Entertainment Llc; Leonel Severino, Director/Actor/Producer
Work Safe, Home Safe; Jared Barrows, Owner
Yowza Animation; Heather Walker, President/CEO
Z Producing Llc; Zach Runge, Producer
Zues Production Services; Jesus Ramos, Owner, Medic And Cco

Adrianne Victory, Production Manager
Aissa Juarez, Operations, Covid Compliance
Al Quintero , Photographer
Alberto Sanchez Nue, Boom Operator
Alejandra Gonzalez, First Assistant Director And Script Supervisor
Alejandro Arballo, 1st Ac
Alex Walti, Freelance 1st Assistant Director
Alexander Stevenson, Actor
Alexandre Casagrande, Director, AD And Screenwriter
Alfa Garcia, Costumes
Alina Litvinova, Background
Alison Peoples, Production Manager
Allen Moore, Director
Ally Cleveland, Actor/Model
Amanda Nevarez, Covid-19 Compliance Officer/Director/1st Ad
Amanda Rodriguez, Hss
Amanda Walker, Actor
Amber Shaun, Actor
Ambereen Yusuf, Freelance Makeup Artist And Hair Stylist
Ameen Jabbar, Supporting Artist/Actor
Amina Garrett-scott, Hair & Makeup Artist
Amy M Samuelson, Covid-19 Compliance Officer
Anastasiya Serhiyenia, PA
André Pereira Marcelino, Supervisor
Andrés Cevallos, Fashion Photographer
Andrew Balfour, Photographer/Producer
Andrew Rodriguez, Warehouse Representative
Andrew Yule, Actor
Angela Doucet, Performer
Ann Marshik, Stylist
Annee Elliot, Producer
Annika Hellgren, Supervising Sculptor
Anthony Lawson, Protestor
Anthony Padilla, Personal And Property Security
Anthony Santiago, Performer
Antoinette Black, Owner
Aoibhe Rice, Student Production Designer
Aqermim Mohamed Ali, SFX Supervisor
Ashish D.Rajput, Researcher
Avram Kaplan, Producer
Badr Balafrej, 1st Assistant Director
Baharrh Zabihiaali , Post Production
Bailey Marks, 1st AD
Barbara Dadalt, Production Liaison
Beatrice Ferrante, Food Stylist
Benjamin Davies, Supporting Actor
Bianca Ilich, Actress/Director
Bibiana Armengol, Laboral Risk Prevention Chief
Blake Edwards, Production Manager
Brenda Dere, Actor/Producer
Brenda Pye, Actor
Brendan Swift, Cinematographer
Brent Morris, Producer & Upm
Camille Stopps, Actor
Carlos Martínez Torres, Firts Camera Assistant
Casey Jane Tuninga, Costume And Set Designer
Cathy Morrison, Craft Services
Chad Mccullough, VTR
Chadwick Ray, Production Coordinator
Chari Eckmann, Actor
Charlene Borda, BG Performer
Charles Block, Set Teacher
Chase Aston, Makeup Artist
Cherrie Snow, Manicurist
Chloe Wigmore, Actor
Chris Heaphy, Production Assistant
Chris Low, Photographer
Chris Walker, Production Manager
Christos Alexandrou, Covid Compliance Consultant / CCO
Constance White, Crew- Painter
Craig Okutani, Covid-19 Compliance Officer
Dailson Shikako, DP
Dale Chung, Producer
Daniel Salazar, Stunt Performer/Coordinator
Darren Jinks, Freelance Makeup Artist And Wigmaker
Daryl Marks, Talent
David Bailey, Close Protection
David Vogel, Assistant Professor Of Theater
Davin Gaddy, Moderator
Davin Pang, Student
Debra Ezra, Talent
Denice Rifdle, Covid Officer/ Pa
Des Anthony , Actor
Diana Valadares, Costume Designer
Didi Abel, Film Production Student Covid Safety Monitor
Diego Felipe Patiño Alarcon, Producer
Dimitri Moore, Producer
Dominique Ayers, Actor
Dominique Dutil, G&E
Dorita Nissen Cowan, Hair & Makeup Designer
Doug Smith, Founder
Douglas Cressman , Hair Stylist And Makeup Artist
Duncan Star-boszko, Screenwriter, Production Designer
Dustye Helms, Hair/Makeup
Dvorah Kramer, Actor, Director, Producer
Dyan Yoder, Partner / Show Director
Eduardo Rubi, Director
Elin Biajid, Cinematographer
Elizabeth Mclean, Background Actor
Elizabeth Rizzo, Manager
Emanuel Lopez, CEO
Emily Katz, Principal/ Owner
Emily Van Eyk, Influencer
Emma Humphrey, Makeup Artist
Eric Kranz, Writer/Director
Eric Rey, Producer
Erica Stewart, Self, Stylist
Erich Schimmelfennig, Photographer
Ernest Cornish, CCO
Eva Contis, Director
Fabian Forte, Gaffer
Felipe Naranjo, Locations Manager
Fleur De Henrie, CEO & Producer
Francisco Pereira, Production Team
Gabriel Pérez, Location Manageer
Gail Taplin, Freelancer
Garus Booth, Director
Geoff Neufeldt, Photographer
George Kelly, Producer / Director / Professor
Gerry Clarke, Sound Mixer/Boom Op
Giancarlo Derchie, Vfx Set Supervisor
Gilbert Alvarado, Scorpio Head Tech
Glynda Fitzgerald, Script Supervisor
Gregory Phelps, First Aid, Covid Leadership, Foodsafe
Gregory Yee Yee, Video Producer / Editor
Gwen Wellman, Script Supervisor
Hayden Brand, President
Hazel Bartlett-sias, Actor
Hernan Cortes, Video Assist Operator & Data Wrangler
Holly Houlf, Stylist And Covid Officer
Ian Goff, Craft Services
Ian Crisp, Camera Operator, Ac, Grip And Scripty
Ian Mcclellan, Lighting Designer
Ider Eddadsi, Keygrip
Isobel Baker, Production Designer
Jackie Tyson, Hair And Makeup
Jacq Ainsworth, Actor
Jake Werner, Line Producer
Jason Foster, Art Director , Marine Cordinator
Jason Willheim, Photographer
Jeff Sievering, Health Safety Supervisor
Jenny Pudavick, Actor
Jeremy Eisen, Covid Safety Supervisor / Consultant
Jill Karol, Makeup Artist
Jill Scott, Production
Jim Aikman, Creative Director
Jo Blick, Waste Reduction Spécialist
Joanne Bachman , Security
Joaquin Andres Sanchez Martin, Producer, Drone Operator
Joaquin Morales, Picture Car Coordinator
Jodi Katzman, Director, Events & Production / Covid Compliance Officer / Covid Safety Officer / Pandemic Compliance Advisor
Joe Piscitelli, Videographer
John Colee, Actor
John Cooper, Stagehand
John Fairhead, Assistant Director, Safety Supervisor
Jon Rudeseal, Talent Or Pa
Jonathan Mann , Executive Producer
Jonathan Tran, Cinematographer
Jordan Hanford, Locations On/Off Set, Prep Pa
Jorge Velarde, CEO
Jose Manuel Vilela Letona, Photographer And Filmmaker
Joshua Stowe, Sound Mixer, Boom Op And Utility
Julia Westcott- Hutton, Actor
Justin Ward, Owner / Director / DP
Kaleigh Richards, 1st Assistant Director
Karen Burke , Health & Safety Supervisor
Karen Gartner, Actor
Karin King , Hmua And Covid Compliance Officer
Kat Mcandrew, Makeup Artist
Kate Easterbrook , Makeup Artist
Katherine Feliz, Makeup Artist
Katherine Ray, Director
Kathryn Sarabia, Makeup Artist
Katy Jordan, Actress/Writer/Producer
Kaytie Kempf, Personal Chef To Cast
Kevin Murphy, Location Manager
Kevin Scott, Bestboy
Kim Czuvek , Freelance Makeup Artist
Kyle Myers, 2nd Ad
Larry Shure, Producer
Laura Romo , Board Op/Producer
Lesego Moumakwe, Focus Puller
Leslie Ewe, Production Designer
Lindsey Miles, Cco
Lisa Beck, Production Designer
Liz Washer,
Lori Rucker, Bg Actor
Lothaire Bluteau, Actor
Lottie Hay, Actress
Lucas C. Lockwood, Kyle
Lyndsey May Milligan, Talent Agent
Lynne Lerner, Actor
Lynne Ryan, Makeup And Hair
Lynnette Myers, Covid Co & Lp/Upm
Magaly Gonzalez, AD
Marcia Johnson, Actor
Margaret Anderson, SA
Maria Camila Alonso Cruz, Producer
Mark Arica, DP
Mark Duffy, Actor/Videographer
Mark Olson, Owner
Marla Olmeda, Px Car
Marli Ehrlich, Coordinator
Martha Carvalho, 2nd Ad
Martin Basile, Director
Mary Bridget Welch, Producer
Masami Fujita, Drone
Masizole Sbongile Situnda, Producer
Mat Barkley, DOP
Matthew Cole, Student At Humber College In Toronto
Matthew Mugno, Covid Compliance Officer
Matthew Van Deventer, Archival Researcher
Max Van De Banks, Makeup And Prosthetics Artist
Melanie Berthelo, Director/Writer
Melissa Ann Lorefice, Hairstylist
Melissa Hennessy, Covid Compliance Officer
Michael Powell, Cco / Covid Assist
Michael Benson, Principal
Michael Coady, Actor / Producer / Writer
Michael De Florio, Owner/Operator
Michael Edwards, 2nd Ac
Michael Wagner, Associate Professor, Chair Of TV/Film
Michele M Brown, Makeup Artist /Hair
Michele Santiago, Covid Compliance Officer / Owner
Michele Williams, Assistant Director
Miguel Angel Rodríguez Vázquez, Video Producer
Milene Bonomo, Makeup Artist
Mille Montenegro, Makeup And Sfx Artist
Milton Angelopoulos, Stagehand/Rigger
Minerva Dann Savoy, Tailor/Seamstress
Mitchell Ferguson , Unit Assistant
Moewada Abrahams , Background N Featured Extra
Molly Etherington, Makeup &Hair
Mónica Lombardo, Production Consultant
Monty Jivraj, Prop Making Coordinator
Morgan Hendrickson, Covid-19 Compliance Supervisor
Nallely Luna, Paramedic On Set
Natalie Dixon, Makeup Artist
Natalie Rose, Hair Department Head
Natasha Shallbetter, Union Makeup Artist
Nick Armstrong, Film Student
Nick Baillie, Actor
Niclas Peyron, Line Producer
Nicoletta Gacos, Freelance
Nigel Pieloth, Background Performer
Noelia Rodriguez , Freelance Makeup Artist
Obryann Gatdula, Establishment Owner
Oliana Glazman Sicherman , Circus Performer
Omar Ivan Ordaz Martinez, Driver
Owain Rowlands, Location Manager
Parker Chen , 1st Ac/ Steadicam
Patricia Twomey , Actress
Patricia Chullunquia, Art Director And Animator
Patricia Ramírez, Producer
Patricia Turnbull, Set Medic
Patrick Ruvalcaba, Covid Compliance Officer
Patti Parker, Photographer
Paul Springfield, Actor
Paula Bacall, Payments Manager / Treasurer
Paulina Villalba, Producer
Pauline Barry, Makeup Artist And Wardrobe Stylist
Pete Mastronardi, Covid Compliance Officer
Philip Anthony Mccarthy, Writer/Director/Producer
Pilar Adara , Covid Compliance Officer
Pippa Leavy, Make_up And Hair
Priscilla Castro-preciado, Makeup Artist Film & Television
Raissa Drumond, Production Manager
Rami Kahlon, Director/Actor
Ray “Tony” Galloway, Production Manager
Rene Costa , Actor
René Cotton, Key Grip
Reno Anastasio, Filmmaker
Richard Hawk, Corporate Captain
Rob Cardinal, Actor/ Background Performer
Rob Eade, Sound Recordist
Rob Martinez, Director/Dp/Editor
Rob Mccrory, Sound Recordist
Robert Déon, Professional Actor
Roberto Gutierrez, Actor
Roger Poirier, Chef Driver
Rose Anne Jones-nepa, Actor
Rose Chretien, Back Ground Actor
Rosie Thompson, Producer
Roxanne Mcdanel, Makeup Artist
S. L. Metheny, Film Maker
Sadhbh Ní Nualláin, Production Coordinator
Sairey Stemp, Stylist/Wardrobe
Sajbeena Lama , Makeup Artist /Sfx
Sandor Gyurkovics, Sound
Sanetra Longno, Photographer/Producer
Santiago Cormane, Dit
Sara Dickman, Make Up Artist And Owner
Sarah Stewart, Photographer/Set Mom
Sarah Thorpe, Actor
Sarah Whitehouse, Actor
Scott Carroll, Set Builder
Scott Duchene, Owner
Selene Strilesky, Script Supervisor
Serilda Goodwin, Actor
Shalyse Lopez, Makeup Department Head
Shanna Stackle, Costumer
Sharlyn Navarro, Set Decorator
Sheridan Telford, Prod Coordinator / Photography
Simon Faulkner, Producer
Sonia Campbell, Writer/Producer
Steph Power, On-set Welfare, Covid Welfare, Intimacy Coordinator, Industry Therapy
Stephen Carpenter , Unit Driver
Stephen Furness, Duty Manager
Stephen Gale, Facilities Captain
Steve Wells, Oculus Head Technician
Steven Wash, Owner
Suraya Rezal, Tv Producer
Talya Stein, Client
Tara Morrell, Caterer
Tashawna Fennell, Actor
Teresa Ware, Bg Actor
Terry Trigger, Actor
Theresa Sulme
Thomas Venditelli, Hair/Makeup
Tim Dobbs, Set Paramedic
Tim Christian, Actor
Toni Ostini, Stage Manager- Cco
Tony Galloway, Production Manager
Tracy Rudewicz, Film Production
Valeria Funes , Makeup Artist
Valerie Tian, Actress
Veronica Keszthelyi, 2nd Ac
Vince J. Trento , Actor
Vince Maggio, Producer/Covid Compliance Officer
Virginia Kelly, Actor
Vladimir Feraudy-cardona, Background Performer
Walter Melrose, Photographer
Warda “Muna” Youssouf , Producer
Warren Fulton, Assistant Location Manager
Warren Lazarides, 1st Ac
Wei Chen, Actor
Wessel Beukes, Manager
Will Campbell, Owner
William Fitz, Director
William Kavan, Dean Of Education
William Martinez Cruz, Electric Lamp Op And Lift Op
Yizhan Li, Student
Zachary Bacall, Line Producer

Special thanks to Council of Canadian Innovators for the pledge inspiration.